I'm Taejun Kim, a Ph.D. candidate in KAIST HCI Lab, working with Prof. Geehyuk Lee. I'm interested in devising new hands-free VR/AR techniques that can provide enhanced user experiences. My research focus lies in eye- and head- based interaction, VR/AR interfaces, wearable haptic interfaces.


Taejun Kim, Auejin Ham, Sunggeun Ahn, Geehyuk Lee

Lattice Menu: A Low-Error Gaze-Based Marking Menu Utilizing Target-Assisted Gaze Gestures on a Lattice of Visual Anchors

CHI 2022: ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Paper | DOI | Video | Code | Project

Taejun Kim, Youngbo Aram Shim, Geehyuk Lee

Heterogeneous Stroke: Using Unique Vibration Cues to Improve the Wrist-Worn Spatiotemporal Tactile Display

CHI 2021: ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Paper | DOI | Video | Code



SuggestBot: Development of a Context-Based Smart Interaction Service Platform (National R&D Project Demonstration)

Skills: Unity, Hololens 2 API (Eye Gaze-Responsive Application)

Video | Code


Are They Really Fair?: Use Transfer Learning To Verify the Learned Fair Representation

Skills: PyTorch



AudioHero: Sound-Based Danger Detection System Using VGGish Deep Learning Model

Skills: Tensorflow, Python (Audio Processing)

Video | Code


CommandPad: Using Finger Identification for Seamless Mode Switching of Command Gesture and Cursor Manipulation on Touchpad

Skills: C# WPF, Python OpenCV Procesing of RGB and Depth Images, TCP Networking



OTL Plus KAIST: Online Timeplanner with Lectures (Custom Timetable Team)

Skills: Python Django, HTML, CSS, JS



Feb 2021

Best Master's Thesis Award, KAIST School of Computing

Thesis Title: "Improving recognition accuracy of wrist-worn spatiotemporal tactile display using heterogeneous vibrotactile stimuli"


Oct 2021

Lecture on SPSS & R practice [Slides]

in CS584 Human-Computer Interaction, School of Computing, KAIST

2017 - 2021

Teaching Assistant (TA)

CS584 Human-Computer Interaction (2021 Fall), CS550 Software Engineering (2021 Spring), CS300 Introduction to Algorithm (2020 Fall), CS204 Discrete Mathematics (2019 Spring), CS230 System Prograaming (2018 Spring), CS101 Introduction to Programming (2017 Fall), School of Computing, KAIST